The 5 lesser-known rivalries of English football

In this article, we will look at five lesser-known English football rivalries, those that may come in second to the more famous Manchester and Liverpool derbies.


Many consider the East Anglian derby to be one of the fiercest rivalries in English football, even if it has frequently overshadowed the two teams' fluctuating performance, which is often bound in the lower leagues. 

Norfolk and Suffolk are separated by 50 miles in this match, which is also known as the Old Farm Derby, a reference to the Old Firm rivalry between Celtic and Rangers as well as the importance of agriculture in the east of England. The first meeting between these two teams occurred on November 15, 1902, when they were both amateurs.


The Nottingham derby is brought to life by Nottingham Forest and Notts County. Two teams with vastly different histories and pedigrees: Between 1975 and 1993, Nottingham Forest won the European Cup twice (1978-1979, 1979/1980), in addition to the championship of '77/78 and four league cups; the bitter rivals, on the other hand, have only one league cup in their wall but are the world's oldest professional club.

Because the two stadiums are on opposite banks of the Trent, the Nottingham derby is also known as the Trentside derby. The first match between these two teams occurred in the nineteenth century, on November 16, 1878, in the FA Cup, and the most recent match occurred in 2011 in the first round of the league cup.

Craig Armstrong of Nottingham Forest and Gary Strodder of Notts County show off last season's divisional trophies before the pre-season friendly at Nottingham's City Ground on August 4, 1998. Forest was the Division 1 champion, and Country was the Division 2 champion.


The match between Lilywithes and Tangerines is known as the West Lancashire Derby, with Preston and Blackpool being the county's two most important teams; this derby is also known as the M55 Derby because the two cities are connected by the same motorway. The two teams have never met in the Premier League, but previous encounters in English football's lower leagues have always been fiery.


Sheffield FC and Hallam create the Rules Derby, a game that has nothing in common with the most famous English derbies in terms of history. The first precedent between these two teams, which dates back to December 26, 1860, is the first football match ever played. 

On the same occasion, the Sheffield Rules were applied, which are the first football rules in force from 1857 to 1877, in which throw-ins, corner kicks, and free-kicks were introduced. If football is what we know and love today, then credit must be given to these two teams, particularly Sheffield FC.


The main teams in the Black Country Derby are Wolves and West Bromwich Albion; the Black Country is part of the West Midlands and is one of the most industrialized areas of the country; it is named for the significant level of pollution. 

The first meeting between these two teams took place in 1885/86 during the FA Cup; on March 4, 1950, at the home of West Bromwich Albion, the game drew an impressive crowd of 60,945. The Hawthorns has a seating capacity of just under 27,000 people.

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